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GHRC 2017 Sponsorship

Corporations, agencies and other organizations interested in herbicide resistance are invited to provide financial support to the 2nd Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge.  Your support is critical to the networking and collaboration this event facilitates.  The GHRC 2017 Organizing Committee wants to work with exhibitors and sponsors to provide you with the best, most effective opportunities for optimizing your exposure.

Several hundred leaders in international herbicide resistance and weed management from across the US and the world will participate in this conference.  These leaders and professionals recognize the benefits of networking with organizations in the “Challenge of Global Herbicide Resistance.”   Your support of GHRC 2017 will not only increase your visibility and provide you with a platform to showcase your brand and message, but it also will allow us to provide a more rewarding experience for attendees.

Sponsoring provides organizations the opportunity to expand their presence before, during and after the conference by securing a variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities.  Through these opportunities, companies can gain the recognition of the weed scientists and weed managers who attend the GHRC 2017.

If you want to sponsor the GHRC 2017, please submit the "Sponsor Agreement" form to